Our Approach

We bring a hardworking approach to investing and operating

Our investment approach is straightforward. We take care in knowing we are the right fit for each other and that we have the right plan for growth.

Plan for growth

We invest in the backbone of the economy

We invest in companies whose products and services are essential to the economy. Their owners are down-to-earth, hard working, and want to see their people’s livelihoods safeguarded. We share the same work ethic and understand how critical people are to the long-term success of companies. These owners have built the foundations for enduring enterprises and are the kinds of companies we will proudly partner with.

  • Smaller, private or family-owned companies, typically $250M revenue or less
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of products or services essential to the economy
  • Including food, beverage, agriculture, transportation, logistics, and infrastructure services
  • Companies founded for growth given an infusion of right expertise, planning, and capital
Right fit for investing

We leverage the experience of our industry experts

Drawing from our network of industry experts, we will bring the right expertise to the table early on. We partner with executives who bring years of industry-specific experience to assure an efficient diligence process. These experts have the experience, skills and relationships to help grow your company, whether as full-time executives or as ongoing advisors.

  • Industry experts facilitate an efficient diligence process
  • Oversee and guide development of the Value Creation Plan (VCP)
  • Transitions into full-time executive partner or C-suite team member
  • Assists in the development of an outside advisory board
Right industry expertise

We plan for success

Before we close, we collaboratively develop the Value Creation Plan (VCP) for generating business growth and improving profitability. The VCP outlines our roadmap of actionable goals, objectives and specific tactics. The VCP identifies people and process needs for a well-managed transition, supported by flexible, patient and long-term capital. Included is the provision of transitional leadership by way of an expert advisor or C-level manager.

  • Robust VCP is completed before the acquisition
  • Actionable goals, objectives and tactics are identified by the VCP
  • Patient, flexible and long-term capital support the people and process transition
  • Expanded management and advisory board assure VCP success
Right plan for success