A long-term view for growth

Kenex Holdings was founded in 2013 as an investment holding company to represent the interests of a collection of Midwest families. We partner with experienced executives to acquire and grow small, private, and family-owned companies.

Family of companies

We invest in private and family-owned businesses that are vital to our economy

Our mission is to support small, private and family-owned companies with revenue under $250M. Our vision is to build a robust portfolio of these companies through a process that assures right fit, right expertise and right planning. Our sweet spot centers on companies whose products and services represent the very backbone of the economy. These are companies involved in, but not limited to, such sectors as agriculture, food and beverage, transportation and logistics, and infrastructure services.

We founded Kenex knowing we can offer the right companies a creative and energetic investment approach, backed by flexible family capital. We take a long-term view and are wholly committed to providing the resources necessary to maximize growth and profitability.

We work best with down-to-earth, principled business owners who can expect the same from us. Our word is our bond and we can be counted on to do what we say. We will work with business owners and our executive partners to develop a Value Creation Plan for growth and improved profitability.

We respect and admire visionaries, start-up entrepreneurs and those who understand that ”necessity is the mother of invention”. If the fit is right, we will invest in start-ups that align with our investment criteria. We will also provide incubation support for new product and service ideas that have a high potential for growth.

Family of companies